Threats and Concerns Arising from 3D-Printed Weapons Proliferation


This briefing paper addresses the issue of growing prevalence of firearms manufactured using 3D printing technology. It highlights the potential threats these weapons pose to security and peace within societies, particularly when they fall into the hands of criminal groups, extremist movements, and armed factions, especially in countries experiencing armed conflicts. Firearms are widely recognized as the primary tools used to perpetrate acts of violence and crime worldwide. Thus, this Paper aims to raise awareness among nations and advocate for preventive measures to ensure that this type of weapon does not end up in the wrong hands. It also provides an explanation of 3D-printed weapons, discusses the dangers associated with extremist groups obtaining them, specifically in European countries, addresses concerns related to their proliferation in regions plagued by high rates of firearm-related criminal activities or armed conflicts, outlines challenges associated with countering their spread and availability, and presents a set of recommendations aimed at strengthening controls on the production of firearms and their components using 3D printing technology, with the objective of mitigating their potential future risks.


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