Maat concludes training "Approaching Human Rights in Peace Support Operations"

Aqeel: We aim to implement the training outcomes in southern Sudan, in cooperation with the concerned authorities

Moncef: Attention must be paid to the human rights approach of vulnerable groups during peace support operations

Pasha: It is imperative to adhere to human rights standards when monitoring, monitoring and cooperating with peace support missions

 Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights concluded the activities of the training program “Approaching Human Rights in Peace Support Operations”, which targeted human rights defenders and participants from civil society organizations from the youth of South Sudan, from 16 to 19 January 2020.

During the training program, there was a general presentation of human rights and the international and regional mechanisms for them, as it focused on peace support missions in African countries and their components, as well as linking training between human rights approaches and peace support processes in conflict countries, by giving more attention to groups of women, children, refugees and displaced persons as well as Protect civilians, and protect those who are subjected to sexual abuse by these missions.

Ayman Aqil, President of Maat Foundation, stated that the training comes in the context of the Foundation’s interest in linking international human rights mechanisms with peace support mechanisms, pointing to the close connection between the two components, with one of them influencing the other. Akil added that the participating youth should implement the training outcomes in light of the current situation in South Sudan in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Hajar Abdel Monsef, head of the African Affairs and Sustainable Development Unit at the Maat Foundation, said that the interest in the human rights approach, especially in supporting the most vulnerable and affected groups, was one of the most important axes that the training came out with. She emphasized that the recommendations of young people from South Sudan that they came out with during the course of the training, Maat Foundation will seek to communicate them to those involved in the UN and African mechanisms as part of the work of the Foundation’s work mechanisms.

This was stated by Abd al-Rahman Pasha; Senior Researcher at the Foundation's African Affairs Unit, the training of young people on how to monitor, control and document reports for the UN and continental missions was one of the most important training outputs. Pasha stressed the need to adhere to human rights principles and standards when writing reports regarding human rights violations, and to cooperate with peace support operations.

It is worth noting that the training program focused in its first version on working on the state of South Sudan, provided that other versions would be held for African countries with UN missions. Maat Foundation also implements the program in partnership with the International Consulting Group.


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