Announcement for Internship Opportunity:

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights Association announces the opening of Internship program for a period of 3 months, starting from January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023.

The Internship Programs:

First: Supporting Democracy Program:

The Internship will provide a good opportunity for fresh graduates interested in the field of supporting democracy to gain practical experience in monitoring elections and supporting decentralization and good local governance, including: learning the skills of verifying the integrity of elections according to international standards, acquiring analytical, drafting and problem-solving skills, and acquiring practical skills about monitoring elections and preparing relevant reports, learning to prepare reports on issues of localities and good governance, and learning to prepare reports on supporting decentralization and governance.

Second: International Mechanisms for the protection of Human Rights program:

The International Mechanisms for the Protection of Human Rights program provides training on the various mechanisms of the Human Rights Council (including: the universal periodic review mechanism, special procedures), and the United Nations human rights treaty bodies. The following experiences will be gained in this Internship Program: full knowledge of all international mechanisms related to the protection of human rights, research skills concerning writing reports submitted to the various international mechanisms, how to follow up on international mechanisms for the protection of human rights.

Third: Sustainable Development Program:

The Internship under this field will provide the acquisition of practical experience in working on mechanisms for implementing the 2030 and 2063 sustainable development goals and the rest of the national development agendas, interacting with a number of relevant mechanisms, and gaining research experience in each of: the field of development and strengthening the conditions of marginalized groups, the field of climate change and protection Environment, the field of promoting gender equality.

Required Qualifications:

- (You can apply on only one of these three programs)

- The applicant must have a bachelor's degree in political science, law, international relations, development, or any other related field.

- Fluency in English or French or both.

- Proficiency in using computers, using Microsoft Office, and using Internet applications.

How can I apply?

How to apply in the program?

- Register on the attached form, noting that the deadline for submission is December 10, 2022.

- A personal interview will be held with those who will be selected for the Internship program after the selection process from the applicant forms.

- After the personal interview, it will be agreed upon the training days from the office.

 What will the Intern acquire during the Internship period?
  • - All Interns who passed the Internship period will receive a certificate of participation and training from Maat.
  • - Chance of Employing those whose capabilities are compatible with the work requirements of Maat, provided that the monthly salary will be negotiable with the Board of Trustees.



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