With a joint mission, Maat, its partners and the International Alliance are participating in the work of the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council

 Aqeel: The Human Rights Council should use its tools to reconsider international counter-terrorism strategies

In the context of their interest in the file of international mechanisms for the protection of human rights, the Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights, the Partners Foundation for Transparency and the International Peace and Development Alliance participate in a joint mission in the work of the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council, which begins its work at the United Nations Palace in Geneva during the period from September 9 to 27.

During this session, the Council considers a number of reports submitted by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN experts, and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, “Michelle Bachelet,” receives her official statement to open the sessions of the Human Rights Council tomorrow, Monday at nine in the morning, so that the priorities of the Council's work include this session. ; The human rights situation in Venezuela, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Myanmar, South Sudan, Syria and Burundi, as well as the situations in Libya, Ukraine, Cambodia, Somalia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Georgia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Maat Foundation participates during this session with a large number of written reports and oral interventions, through which it draws the attention of the Council to developments in human rights conditions in a number of countries within the priority of the Council’s work, as well as some cases that require the Council’s attention in accordance with the latest developments and developments in the Arab and Asian countries.

In the same context, Ayman Aqil, Chairman of Maat Foundation, stated that the council’s agenda requires special attention to the situation in Kashmir and Yemen. He added that the Human Rights Council must harness its tools to reconsider international counter-terrorism strategies, and this is what the mission will seek during its participation in this session.

Aqeel also confirmed that Maat Foundation participates and organizes two seminars during this session. The first, on September 16th, on human rights in Yemen, with the participation of the Partners Foundation for Transparency. During this symposium, the testimonies of women who have come out of the prisons of the Houthi group will be heard. The foundation will also issue a working paper entitled “Yemen: the series of violations continues.” The second symposium will be on September 17th, in which it will discuss international counter-terrorism strategies that need constant development to confront the rapid development of terrorist groups in Iraq, Libya and Somalia.

It is worth noting that the daily newsletter issued by Maat Foundation to follow up on the work of the Human Rights Council can be followed through the following link and hashtag:

The hashtag: #Maat _HRC42


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