Maat leads a session on the peaceful resolution of the conflict

During a training program to combat violence and extremism: Maat leads a session on the peaceful resolution of the conflict

Increasing youth awareness of the methods of peaceful solution will limit the ignition of conflicts in the future

Within the framework of Maat Foundation’s participation in the “Youth Against Extremism” program held in Poland this November, the Foundation’s team organized a session entitled “Peaceful Resolution of Conflict: The Best Way to Reduce Extremism and Violence”, which aimed to increase the participants ’awareness of methods and methods of solutions. Peacefulness of different types of disputes.

During the session, several basic terms were defined, such as conflict, extremism and terrorism, in addition to shedding light on some methods of peaceful solution, such as negotiation, mediation and diplomacy. Steps for peaceful solutions to the conflict were also clarified, which begins with studying the situation from various points of view and goes through negotiations to end with a solution that satisfies all parties.

It is worth noting that the program is funded by the European Union and includes ten different countries, represented by thirty young men and women. The Maat Foundation organized this session as a result of its extensive experience in the field of combating extremism and violence.


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