Maat condemns the terrorist incidents in Al-Haram and Kafr El-Sheikh

Maat condemns the terrorist incidents in Al-Haram and Kafr El-Sheikh

The battle with terrorism requires a long breath, patriotic solidarity, and standing above any differences


The Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights expresses its strong condemnation of the despicable terrorist incident in which six brave police heroes among recruits and officers were martyred, who paid their blood for the security of the homeland and the citizen in the last chapters of the ongoing war with black terrorism, as well as the terrorist incident that targeted a police car in the governorate Kafr El Sheikh, the Foundation also shares the families of the martyrs and their families and asks God Almighty to inspire them with patience and solace, and bless our dear country with the victory shown in its fateful battle with groups of violence, blood and terrorism.

The Foundation stresses that the frequency of events and their historical context in the past three years prove beyond any doubt that Egypt, with all its institutions and national forces, is facing a war of existence with organizations that have chosen violence, terrorism, extremism and intimidation as a way to hijack the nation and implement a satanic scheme targeting the fate of the nation, its present and its future, and those organizations insist on For the Egyptian people to pay the price for their democratic choices and political prejudices against groups that traded in religion and tried to change the identity of Egyptian society.

Hence, the war that targets everyone cannot be confronted and won unless each side bears its national and moral responsibility and rises above political differences to form a state of true national alignment capable of standing in the face of plans whose ultimate goal is to overthrow the homeland.

The Maat Foundation, and from a purely human rights ground, indicates that the black terrorism that the countries of the region and the world suffer from in varying degrees, which has escalated greatly in recent years, represents the biggest and most dangerous challenge to respecting human rights, civil, political, economic and social, and even represents a stumbling block in the way of achieving any reform. A true and comprehensive democracy, and therefore there is no substitute for taking measures of an international and international nature to confront terrorism and violence, dry up its financial, organizational and intellectual sources, and also confront countries that provide safe havens for the accused, convicts, and those involved in supporting terrorism.

The war with terrorism will not be easily resolved despite the great successes and successful pre-emptive strikes that have been achieved during the past months. It is a long war of soul that requires all political, civil, trade union and all media outlets to take clear positions that do not accept suspicion or ambiguity about terrorism, and that there is no dispute. The project with any of the institutions of the current authority (legislative or executive) in advance of the principled positions rejecting violence, terrorism and extremism in all its forms and types, and whatever its stated justification.



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