Maat concludes the first workshop to train Internet activists on the universal periodic review

Maat concludes the first workshop to train Internet activists on the universal periodic review

Participants: We will launch virtual pages to enhance knowledge of the UPR and follow up on the government's commitment to implementing the recommendations


As part of its efforts to build the capacities of a diverse group of different stakeholders on the UPR mechanism, and after two training programs targeting civil society organizations and media professionals working on human rights issues in Egypt, Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights launched its third training program for bloggers and electronic media activists with a training workshop A group of new media users, social media, and bloggers, held a meeting in Cairo on Sunday 14 August 2016.

The training workshop is part of a program Enhancing the capacity of electronic media activists to report on the UPR,, Which targets 50 electronic media activists working on issues related to human rights through two training workshops that the Foundation implements during August and September 2016. The training program seeks to provide electronic media activists with the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them to understand the system of human rights protection mechanisms in general and the review mechanism The universal periodic in particular, and the skills of implementing media campaigns and writing media reports on monitoring and following up the implementation of recommendations, in addition to enabling electronic media activists to use the electronic platforms they manage to link human rights issues with Egypt's obligations to the international mechanism.

During the interactive training workshop in which the well-known media expert, Mr. Yasser Abdel Aziz, lectured, the participants' awareness of the concept of human rights was raised, the emergence of the international bill of rights, the concept of international humanitarian law (which consists of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic Rights. Social, cultural, and the protocols attached thereto), and a critical approach to UN human rights concepts by possessing the capabilities of analyzing systems through the mechanism of quadratic analysis, and enhancing the skills of critical tendency through interactive training. In addition to increasing the participants 'awareness of the universal periodic review procedures, introducing participants to the recommendations made to Egypt and Egypt's position on them, and enhancing participants' awareness of the importance of the role played by the media, and the methods of practicing this role in relation to the UPR mechanism while enabling participants to monitor the recommendations that Egypt accepted to implement during the second session of the review. Universal League 2014.

According to the training workshop, the media and the new media play various roles in relation to violations and deficiencies in commitment to human rights, the most important of which is to shed light on violations and shortcomings, identify those responsible for these violations and this deficiency, bring human rights issues to the national agenda, provide a haven and a platform for complaints. For those whose rights are violated, to provide a mechanism for accountability and to hold officials accountable, to provide parliamentarians, councilors and supervisory bodies with information. In this regard, the participants reviewed four of the most important news websites to extract a set of news related to the recommendations of the UPR, whether those that enhance or conflict with the implementation of the recommendations.

The training workshop also focused on enhancing the participants ’understanding and awareness of the role and methods through which the" new media "can be developed as a mechanism of presentation, accountability and follow-up in the service of implementing the recommendations of the universal periodic review. Where the participants pointed out that the most important characteristics of new media are interactive, asynchronous, participation and diffusion, movement and flexibility, universality, media fusion, focus, storage and preservation. The fields of new media work according to the participants also vary between documentation, provision of platforms, campaigns, prevention, awareness, follow-up, and accountability.

The training workshop concluded with a presentation of a set of the most important tactics that new media can use for advocacy, censorship on the ground, accountability through electronic indicators, electronic petitions, visual information, mobilization and awareness, mobilization and mobilization. Where the participants were assigned to devise new tactics to raise awareness of the UPR issues, and the most important results were the establishment of virtual Facebook pages to educate the public about the issues related to the UPR recommendations in an innovative way.

He seeks a project The Universal Periodic Review as a Tool to Improve Public Policies during the Transition, Which is implemented by the Foundation with funding from the European Union over a period of two years starting from January 2016, to enhance the role of the universal periodic review to improve public policies and reform human rights during the transitional phase in Egypt by actively involving civil society organizations, activists and media professionals in following up and calling for the necessary reform of human rights, And it adopts new policies compatible with international human rights standards based on the 2014 universal periodic review.

To participate in the second workshop of the training program that will be held in Cairo on September 29, 2016, please visit the following link:

More updated news about project activities is available on the official project page:

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