Maat receives complaints from the people of Kafr Ramada in Qalyubia, suspected bird flu cases, and the lack of ambulances

Maat receives complaints from the people of Kafr Ramada in Qalyubia

Suspected bird flu infections and the lack of ambulances or medical teams to deal with the problem

Maat Foundation has received complaints from some residents of Kafr Ramada village affiliated to Qalioub district, Qalyubia Governorate, stating that there are a number of suspected cases of bird flu and their condition worsening rapidly due to the lack of health care.

According to the people, the village contains one health unit that works until twelve o'clock in the afternoon, because there are no medical teams to operate the unit, and no one has intervened to sign the initial medical examination of the injured during the past days, which is what called on the people to transfer the injured to the Imbaba Fever Hospital on the evening of April 5 and did not They are being detained, and the hospital only gives them some medicines and painkillers, while informing the patients that in the event of their deteriorating disease, they must be isolated in the geographically affiliated hospital.

On the morning of April 6, 2017, the sicknesses deteriorated dramatically, according to the statements of the villagers, and they did not panic and fear the spread of the disease that afflicted a group of families in the village.

According to what the Foundation has monitored only, the people have transported ten members of the affected families in two ambulances only because there are not enough ambulances to transport patients from the village to the Qalioub Fever Hospital.

In light of this, Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights notes the need to make health care available to everyone in proportion to all social strata, which must be characterized by comprehensiveness, quality, equality and efficiency, in accordance with Egypt's commitments to many international conventions on health and health care, and in accordance with Egypt's pledges that have committed to It was held in front of the Human Rights Council in Geneva as it undergoes the universal periodic review in March 2015

Therefore, the Maat Foundation appeals to the Minister of Health to quickly issue instructions to take care of these patients and find out the truth about their disease and properly diagnose it, as well as provide medical teams within the health unit in the village and increase the number of equipped ambulances.


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