Historians recommend reviewing the peace agreement with Israel.

Historians recommend reviewing the peace treaty with Israel ..

Lawyers warn of the repercussions of the constitutional amendments on peace Societal and freedoms

The Maat Center organized yesterday as part of its project calling for spreading a culture of community peace Two discussion sessions about guarantees to protect freedoms and societal peace, a year after the amendments Constitutionalism, and the future of peace in the region, 29 years after the signing of the peace agreement between Egypt And Israel, and the speakers in the two sessions agreed on the impact of the constitutional amendments and their danger to peace Societal while ignoring any considerations regarding the safety of personal and public freedoms, and the danger Ignoring the amendment of the peace agreement with Israel due to its lack of compatibility with exceptional circumstances Through which the eastern borders of Egypt pass, as well as because it has not achieved any progress in peace relations Arab - Israeli .

In the first session on the peace agreement, Dr. Gad Taha, Professor Contemporary History in the Manners of Ain Shams The Egyptian army has accomplished its mission in the two wars of attrition And in October, he successfully wrested his occupied land from Israel, and his political leadership entered into Disengagement negotiations before the historic visit to Jerusalem to talk about Egypt's intentions for sovereignty Peace based on security and justice in the region, and the agreement was signed in political circumstances A complex during which the Western world seemed to agree to strike the Arabs and Egypt in favor of Israel, however The agreement was signed after a direct American intervention in the negotiations, and in the long term he sees It fulfilled Israel's interests in building relationships with countries that were opposed to it, but it was developed Restrictions on Egypt narrowed its relations with its sisters and ended with the emptying of the Sinai from the Egyptian forces, He warned of a Western attack on the research and human rights centers supporting the Palestinian cause To repeat the tragedy of the Zayed Center of the Arab League, which stopped its activities after the occupation of Iraq Amidst Arab silence, the region lost its research efforts .

And Dr. Assem El-Desouki, a professor of contemporary history in the literature of Helwan, denied The existence of any feasibility for a peace agreement with Israel, stressing that the political leadership at the time was excluded Any talk about the Palestinian right, contrary to what is rumored that the Palestinians are the ones who left a table The negotiations, he said, that peace in the region remained threatened after 29 years of the agreement as a result Israel's insistence on striking stability, not establishing a Palestinian state, and respecting state sovereignty over me The economic and social negative aspects of it were represented in the export of subsidized gas For Israel without a fair world price, in exchange for imported carcinogenic foods and economic normalization Complete with a free trade agreement, with the Israeli flag flying in Cairo as a symbol of representation The diplomat for her government and the establishment of factories and companies for her in Egypt while controlling a number of writers And journalists promoting the idea of normalization within their institutions .

And Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Zahir, an expert in strategic affairs, confirmed The Israeli absence of the concept of peace from the Israeli collective mind to the point that the Israelis They forgot the agreement and remained in fighting operations with the Palestinians and the Lebanese, and they refuse to leave The occupied Syrian Golan, and he said that 40 % of QIZ factory products come from Israel was confirmed by a report discussed by the Knesset a few weeks ago, which also warned of an Israeli plan to resettle The Palestinians in Sinai against the border strip of Egypt in the Negev desert, and he demanded the Egyptian government By filling the void in it with 5 million people, cultivating its lands and distributing it to the youth, to ward off dangers Unemployment leads to the inner peace of society and the protection of the country from the threat of invasion, as he demanded Historians rehabilitate the Egyptian forces, who were rumored to have been instructed to stop at Certain borders in the Sinai are incomplete with the liberation plan, and he reiterated the demands of academic researchers With the return of the activities of the Zayed Center of the Arab League to support the Palestinian cause and the idea of peace With his impartial scientific studies .

And in the second session on guarantees of protecting freedoms and community peace After a year of constitutional amendments ..

Dr. Fathi Fikry, professor of constitutional law, said that the amendments The 1971 Constitution, in the years 1980, 2005 and 2007, affected the powers of the President of the Republic At the expense of the People's Assembly, it granted it the right to dissolve parliament without a referendum, as it robbed the powers of a president Ministers to become chairperson of board meetings only without issuing decisions, and he is denied being The current constitution is a copy of the French constitution, whose amendments 12 times have met the interests of the people The Frenchman, and confirmed that the amendments to Article 76 reduced the number of presidential candidates to only 6 candidates with The necessity for the candidate to obtain the recommendation of 65 deputies, apart from a number of members of local councils, he said Electoral capacity is absent from the articles of the constitution and left to the law to grant entry to government candidates Parliament: As for the immunity of the representatives of the Shura Council, it violates the principle of equality, as there is no legislative role And the introduction of former ministers and editors-in-chief of national newspapers under his umbrella .

He added that the Supreme Elections Committee is alone in the electoral process The immunization of its decisions from cassation and unconstitutionality constitutes an assault on the powers of the judiciary and violates The explicit text of Article 68 of the Constitution, which is subject to appeal before the judiciary, with regard to contradictions Article 179 of the constitution affirms the independence of the judiciary because it is It creates a new model for exceptional justice and allows civilians to be referred to military justice and courts The emergency, which has not been stopped from the country for more than a quarter of a century, asserted that “the master of his decision ” Parliament is subject to respect for the law and is not permitted to accept a deputy who is challenged against the legality of his election, He called for disposing of the current constitution and its amendments at the earliest opportunity to ensure the progress of the Egyptian people And the safety of his security and the protection of the stability of his society .

Dr. Imad Al-Fiqi, Professor of Criminal Law, revealed the violation of the system International covenants give precedence to his exceptional judiciary over Al-Faylee, and to maintain the political parties' court And he warned of more terrorist operations resulting from poverty and the suppression of freedoms, stressing enough Legal criminal procedures and penalties to deter criminals and those with security-threatening activity General, stressing that the Terrorism Law, fortified by Article 179 of the Constitution, violates Articles 41F 44 And 45 of it, in addition to preventing the Constitutional Court from expressing an opinion on it and referring the accused By its articles to the military courts and equating their intentions with committing actual crimes, including It confirms that Egypt is afflicted by the laying down of laws whose mission is to preserve the interests of the regime at the expense of the people .

George Ishaq, the former general coordinator of the Kifaya movement, said the constitution The law does not hear about the combatants over the loaf of bread, and said that "Kifaya" was the only one She publicly rejected amendments to the constitution last year and in 2005, denying the existence of a difference between The two referendum systems on the presidential candidate and his election after the judicial supervision of Ali was excluded Elections and suppression of the right of citizens to enter local councils through which the preparation process passes The presidential candidate, despite its procedures violating international conventions, and he added that the judiciary is administrative The movement’s appeal to the referendum on amending Article 76 is still pending, despite its acceptance of club reports Judges, stressing that the Shura Council has become a place to protect the persecuted before the judiciary with their immunity Unexplained within it .

George reiterated the movement’s demands for a transitional period in ruling Egypt for a period of two years They witness the formation of a founding body for a new constitution and a ministry that brings together all national forces before Conducting parliamentary and presidential elections in their presence, describing reform as a bad word The reputation with the country's need for change as a slogan for the current historical stage, and denying the occurrence The inheritance of power in it due to the change in the balances of the powers within the organs of power itself with the approach of a national consensus I have to change the system .

The attendees agreed on the necessity of giving priority to societal peacemaking justifications Fair laws and constitution far from the political calculations of the government or the opposition, as well They demanded that any laws be submitted to a serious and real societal dialogue, and that judicial supervision be restored Full general elections to ensure their integrity


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