In its intervention at the Human Rights Council ... Maat condemns the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people

In its intervention at the Human Rights Council ... Maat condemns the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people

Maat Foundation for Peace, Development and Human Rights presented an intervention to the International Commission of Inquiry on the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, as part of Article 7 of the work of the Human Rights Council, on the sidelines of its participation in the work of the 40th session of the Council in Geneva, which began its work on February 25 and continues until March 22 .

The intervention revealed that the Israeli occupation forces committed many blatant violations of international charters and laws on human rights against the Palestinians, as the Israeli forces used excessive force in response to the peaceful Palestinian demonstrations demanding the right of return and break the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, where since the beginning of the protests, 184 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed, among them. 21 children and 3 workers in the medical sector, in addition to injuring more than 17,420 others with live ammunition, and wounding 530 with teargas asphyxiation, in addition to soldiers shooting repeatedly at the demonstrators. The Israeli army also launched intermittent air and artillery strikes against the Gaza Strip, killing 37 Palestinians, at least 5 of them civilians.

 During her intervention, Maat stressed that the Israeli authorities have continued to violate all international laws and norms that have been approved by international law, with which Israel strikes against the wall, as Israel practices all kinds of violations against Palestinian detainees, especially medical negligence, in addition to using the blockade as a collective punishment for the residents of the Gaza Strip. Restriction of electricity and water supplies, and in return, the Israeli authorities continued to expand settlements in the occupied West Bank and systematically discriminate against Palestinians in favor of settlers in providing services, allowing freedom of movement, issuing building permits, and other measures.

During this intervention, Maat Foundation condemned the Israeli practices and crimes against the Palestinian people, and also supported the Palestinian request to refer the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, to the International Criminal Court for investigation and prosecution of what the Israeli forces have committed against peaceful demonstrators since the March of Return March 30, 2018. It also recommended Maat calls for the immediate cessation of all Israeli violations against the Palestinian people, and an end to the blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for more than a decade as a collective punishment practiced by Israel against the residents of the Strip, and to take all measures and activate all international decisions condemning Israeli practices against the Palestinian people.


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