On the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

Maat Urges Major Powers to Go Beyond Mere Promises and Speeches and Take Effective Actions Towards Nuclear Disarmament

Today, 26 September 2023, marks the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, established by General Assembly Resolution 32/68. This significant day aims to raise public awareness and educate people about the grave threat posed by nuclear weapons to humanity, emphasizing the imperative of eliminating them entirely. It also serves as a reminder for the international community to recommit itself to give highest priority to achieving global nuclear disarmament.

In light of this, UN Secretary-General António Guterres emphasizes, "The only way to eliminate the nuclear threat is by eradicating nuclear weapons. Let us join forces and ensure that these instruments of destruction are forever eradicated from the pages of history."

Taking this opportunity, Ayman Okeil, an international human rights expert and Chairman of Maat, calls upon governments of major countries to translate their promises and rhetoric regarding nuclear disarmament into tangible actions. Okeil emphasizes that the social, economic, and environmental costs resulting from the use of nuclear weapons will affect every nation. He urges member states who have not yet joined the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons to seriously consider becoming signatories as soon as possible.

Furthermore, Okeil appeals to both Russia and the United States of America to resume negotiations on the New START nuclear treaty and adhere to its provisions. It is crucial for these two influential nations to play their part in reducing nuclear arsenals and promoting global security.



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