A panel discussion entitled “Mine Mines and Water Security in Yemen and the Role of UN Mechanisms for Disarmament Affairs”

Maritime mines have a debilitating effect on water and sanitation infrastructure in Yemen; pipes and water installations may get damaged or destroyed as a result of sea mine explosions, which would disrupt water distribution and complicate maintenance and repair.
Generally speaking, Yemen’s pressing need for water and sanitation is exacerbated by the consequences of conflict and sea mines. These difficult conditions increase the need for international efforts and decisive measures to remove explosive naval mines and improve access to water. Therefore, the international community and NGOs must work together to address these challenges and provide the necessary support to Yemen.
In this context, Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights organized a panel discussion entitled “Maritime Mines and Water Security in Yemen & the Role of the UN Mechanisms for Disarmament Affairs”, on the sidelines of the Intersessional Meeting of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention as well as within the framework of the efforts made by Maat to promote informal discussions with stakeholders to enhance implementation of international agreements





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