The NGO Alliance meets to develop the 2020 Strategic Framework

The NGO Alliance meets to develop the 2020 Strategic Framework

The meeting discusses ways of joint cooperation, and recommends adding the universal periodic review to the fields of work of NGOs in accordance with the new law


Yesterday evening the first day of the General Assembly's annual meeting ended Civil Society Organizations Coalition for the Universal Periodic Review, Which is held over two days in Ismailia and hosts the 26 founding organizations of the coalition as part of the initiative to develop “The Alliance's Strategic Framework (January 2018 - December 2020)”.

The meeting aims to come up with the strategic framework for the Alliance of Civil Society Organizations during the period from January 2018 to December 2020, especially in light of the existence of a set of opportunities that the coalition can effectively engage in during the coming period, including Egypt's submission to the universal periodic review for the third time, the need to secure resources Alternative financing to ensure the continuity of the coalition's work, especially with the expiration of the financing for a project The Universal Periodic Review as a Tool to Improve Public Policies during the Transition Which is implemented with funding from the European Union over the course of 2016-2017, the parliament will convene for a period of three sessions during which many important policies and legislation related to the UPR recommendations accepted by Egypt in March 2015 are discussed, in addition to the local council elections expected in the same period, which will take place from During the course, it addresses several domestic policies related to the UPR recommendations.

The first day of the meeting in preparation for preparing the strategic plan witnessed the role expected to be played by the coalition during the third review of Egypt 2019, in addition to parallel working groups to come up with the quadrilateral analysis of the alliance (strengths - weaknesses - opportunities - threats), which confirmed that the number of members of the member organizations in the alliance is one of the Important strengths, while the new law on associations is considered a pioneering threat.

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