Climate Change in a Popular Context: Reality and Solutions: Sixth Edition

Complementing Maat's training and awareness activities in the field of climate change; Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights provided an awareness training, in cooperation with the General Union of African Students, under the title "Climate Changes in a Popular Context: Reality and Solutions", on July 12, 2023.

 Training focused on two parts; The first part is the introductory part to climate change and the role of African mechanisms in reducing the climate crisis was highlighted, focusing on extreme phenomena in Africa, mechanisms and the current status of climate action in the African continent: adaptation and mitigation, climate justice for Africa and projections on the goals of the African Agenda 2063.

While the second part, which deals with the practical and applied side, shed light on how community initiatives work, which would reduce the negative repercussions of climate change, the participating attendees were divided into working groups to come up with proposals and recommendations to reduce climate crises.

It should be noted that the training was attended by students from different countries, including Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Tanzania and Somalia. It comes within the framework of "Maat Platform for Climate Action", which was launched by Maat at the beginning of the year 2023. The platform aspires to enhance the work of civil society in the field of climate action, by organizing training workshops and activities concerned with discussing mechanisms for addressing and combating climate change at all levels; National, regional and international, and launching studies and periodicals aimed at raising and raising levels of climate awareness.


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