“Save Sudan From Personal Interests.” Maat calls for an immediate cessation of military clashes

“Save Sudan From Personal Interests.” Maat calls for an immediate cessation of military clashes
Okeil stresses on the need to return to the negotiation table, as stipulated in the 2020 Juba Agreement

Maat for Peace, Development and Human Rights strongly condemns the armed clashes between the military parties in Sudan, and holds all parties fully responsible for stopping these clashes immediately to save Sudan from the personal interests that hanging over the present and future of Sudan since the 2019 revolution.

Maat denounces the military developments, which soon spread to civilians, injuring and killing a number of them, in addition to the tendency to control non-military civilian institutions, in clear violation of the laws, constitution, and all international norms that demand the exclusion of civilian objects from armed clashes.

Maat holds the quarreling parties fully responsible for preserving the security and safety of Sudanese civilians in the fighting areas and throughout the country, and stresses the need to stop the escalation and stop bloodshed immediately. Maat demands immediate investigations of those responsible for the deaths of these civilians.

Maat warns that the result of the continuation of these clashes between the parties only predicts a "civil war" that the proud Sudanese people have always been trying to avoid, but they are being dragged into it by military parties that do not recognize the sensitivity of the current stage the country is going through.

Ayman Okeil, the international human rights expert and president of Maat, stated the necessity of returning back to the negotiation table and considering political stability as a priority, and overcoming the state of blockage and division between the Sudanese forces and parties, "military or civil", over the past four years. He called for the continuation of the negotiation stage on security and military reform, as stipulated in the Juba Agreement 2020, without the outcome of the dispute in the discussion being an armed military clash between its parties.

Okeil emphasized that all parties should learn a lesson from what happened in the region after the Arab Spring revolutions, especially in the countries in which the national army collapsed and which did not exist after more than a decade, and no external interventions ended the cycles of political conflict.




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